Top 114 Taper Fade Trending Hairstyles In 2020

A person’s hair says a lot. 

Hair and hairstyles have come a long way in terms of make-up and grooming. A hairstyle holds the power to make or break a look, leave a lasting impression, and even give you confidence. 

Decades and centuries can be distinguished from one another based on the hairstyles that were trending at that time. Hairstyles make an important part of pop culture and are considered to be forms of mass expression.

Hairstyles come, go, and then come back. They undergo several transformations and changes in versions. One such hairstyle that has been hugely popular for decades has been in and out of trend several times, and that’s currently ruling the heads of men across the globe is the fade hairstyle. 

Taper Fade Hairstyles: How Did It All Began?

The fade skin hairstyle has its history older than we could have imagined. It was first tried by the U.S military around the ’40s and the ’50s. The purpose was to trim the hair to the shortest level possible and still look presentable. Soon, the look gained popularity as a stylish hairstyle and started being replicated by the youth. 

Due to the strict grooming rules in the military, the Faded hairstyle used to be initially most popular among the soldiers. However, with time and attention of celebrities across the world, this haircut has become a global trend and is loved by men of all ages alike.

Taper Fade

Top Fade Hairstyles That Are Trending

If you’re confused, that from the several options of fade hairstyles, which one will suit you best, have a look at this amazingly curated list of the 14 best ones.

High Top Fade 

High Top Fade

The high-top fade hairstyle is currently ruling the charts in the list of trending hairstyles in 2020.

What is a High-top fade haircut like?

It’s a hairstyle for men in which the side-on hair is short cut off and the upper head hair is kept very long.

Preferred skin tone:
In the early ’90s, the High-top fade was mostly popular among black men with tight, curly hair. Nowadays, it is back and is consolidating beyond racial differences. 

Where is the High-top haircut trending?

The High-top haircut is a common style for Hip-hop singers or performers in the Urban places. It has become a sports fan favorite hairstyle as popular athletes, NBA players including Nerlens Noel, and Norris Cole have been inspiring fans with this hairstyle.

Low Fade  

The low fade cut is the perfect style for men with either long or short hair to achieve an overall voluminous look.

What is a Low-fade haircut like?

The low-fade haircut is characterized by tapering a soft and narrow cut above the ear as well as along the neckline.

What type of beard suits with the Low-fade haircut?

A faded beard, somewhat broad makes for a perfect combination with the Low-fade haircut.

The Low-fade haircut is usually applied for office settings and traditional parties. It is the kind of haircut that gives your face a significant transformation and can make you look young and energetic.

Mid Fade 

Mid fade haircuts are a relatively more stylish option than the above two mentioned cuts. The fade is gradual and even, which eliminates the ruggedness of the low fade look and adds the class of the high fade.

What is a Mid-fade haircut like?

The mid fade hairstyle starts from the center of your head. A delicate, soft halfway cut will is trimmed from the sides and back of your head by the barber. It’s like a middle ground or adjustment of the high fade and the low fade haircuts.

The Mid-fade haircut suits various occasions and settings. It’s the right look for work, parties, or even Hip-hop concerts.

Skin Fade  

Skin fade haircut is a stylish and rather cute looking haircut that is preferred by men in their 20s and 30s. 

What is a Skin-fade haircut like?

It is started by shortening your side-on hair and trim down to your skin. As the name suggests, it is characterized by a relatively greater show of skin. The haircut gives you a clean and high-contrast look.

What are the popularity demographics?

It is a desirable haircut for boys who want to get off a bad boy’s vibe and look. It’s bolder than some of the other fade looks and generally seen among the younger generation.

Temp Fade  

Temp Fade is one of the more creative versions of a fade hair cut with a crown of curly hair at the top of the fade. It’s bold, cool, and extremely stylish.

What is a Temp-fade haircut like?

The Temp Fade haircut is completed by making sharp, clean cuts along your hairline edges.

It is mostly preferred by men with dark, curly hair and looks best with highlights.

What type of beard suits with the Temp-fade haircut?

One of the best looks achieved through this cut is the continuous fade of crown hair towards the beard where it gains volume again. Where the fade of the beard ends, that of the hairline begins.

Side Part Fade

The side part fade haircut is one of the most popular haircuts among the largest variation of age groups and cultures. From the innocence of children to the class of a gentleman, it’s the perfect expression. 

What is the Side-part fade haircut like?

It is completed by trimming down the side-on hair shorter towards the ears. 

What type of beard suits with the side part fade haircut?

French cut bear or a shaved look, it all works out with this classic.

Pompadour Fade 

Pompadour fade is the perfect haircut to give you a funky look. It’s best if you want to go for a voluminous look and want to have some fun with it.

What is a Pompadour fade haircut like?

It is a mixture and careful variation of the short-sides and long top hair. It is completed by shortening the side-on hair while keeping the middle hair long in a variety of lengths to give a stylish look.

The haircut can be suitable for all types of hair(Long, short, or medium). You will have various adjusting options also like differing the length and volume of the hair to fit your look.

Undercut Fade With Crown 

The ‘undercut fade with crown’ is a spiky twist to a classic fade haircut. 

What is an ‘Undercut fade with crown’ haircut like?

It is done by trimming down the under-part hair extremely short that brings the focus on the spiky, long upper part.

What are the popularity demographics?

It’s a bold haircut that usually doesn’t go well with an everyday office going lifestyle.

It is preferred by Rap singers, performers from the hip-hop culture,  football players and other sports and art enthusiasts.


It can be easily transformed into a different hairstyle by combing over in a different manner.

Fade With Long Hair

The perfect fade hair looks for those who love their hair long, this one is popular for its distinctive cool boy looks.

What is a ‘Fade with long hair’ cut like?

The ‘Fade with long hair’ cut is a trendy hair cut achieved by combining very short, low and mid fade and leaving extra long hair on the top. It shows most of the skin in the fade area above the ears and particularly suits hair with soft curls.

What type of beard suits with the fade with long hair cut?

A slant-cut beard that has a small light fade emerging out of the hairline fade near the ears.

Millennials, hipsters, and anyone who wants to grow his hair long and maintain a casual look will love this one.

Long Faux Hawk 

An attractive hairstyle that makes you stand out in a crowd, Long Faux Hawk looks great on hair with more shades than one.

What is a Long faux hawk haircut like?

Another one of the fade haircuts that is characterized by unevenly varying lengths of hair at the top. The difference is that the side-on hair is kept longer than usual and the fade isn’t as distinctively visible. 

Fun fact about the hairstyle

Besides hippies and boys opting for casual looks, this haircut is popular mostly among Magicians in order to achieve greater focus and grab the attention of the viewers on the face and hair.

Burst Fade 

Quite similar to the temp fade haircut, this one is for people who want a safer, simpler version with more skin fade.

What is a Burst fade haircut like?

The cut is completed by trimming and shaving the hair on the front, the sides, and the back of the head to create a highly defined hairline. It does not have the clean-shaved sides like the Mohawk but still a stark fade that shows a lot of skin.

What are the popularity demographics?

It’s a popular haircut in urban areas. It is authentic to South-African communities who consider this haircut as their tradition.

Mid Taper Fade 

It is one of the classics with a touch of retro and a taper fade that gives it the modern look. It is good if you’re looking for a more mature yet trendy style.

Mid Taper Fade

What is a Mid taper fade hairstyle like?

As the name suggests, it consists of the High taper fade and the low taper fade meeting halfway.

Best for which hair type?

Thick and wavy hair look best with this hairstyle as it’s easy, reduces the styling time, and makes the hair more manageable.

What type of beard suits with the mid taper fade haircut?

A tapering beard towards the ears with a separation between the hairline and the beard completed the look. 

Afro Taper Fade 

Perhaps the type of fade with the hair trimmed to its shortest, this one’s best for a sharp, defined, and definitive look.

Afro Taper Fade

What is an Afro taper fade haircut like?

It is a stylish short haircut for men with Afro hair. The chopped, tight curls on the crown give it a subtle waveform look. It is popular for being reset into a casual and relaxed clean-cut once the hair grows. It is one of the best taper fade haircuts that match to the Mohawk hairstyles. It is completed by creating a narrow effect on the side-on hair.

Tips: How To Maintain Your Fade Haircut?

The feeling of distress about how the perfect fade that made us float just a few days ago is snatched of all its charm can be unbearable. However, hair growth is faster than it seems, especially when you want it to slow down for your hair cut to last longer. 


Although there’s no way you can get your hair cut to look the same as day 1, you can always use some tips to maintain your look and improvise with the growth.


Mind the overall hair

We often tend to miss this step and the result is disastrous. A fade haircut particularly brings out the features of your face, makes it look more sharp and noticeable. However, this can turn against you if you don’t maintain unwanted hair. Make sure to get rid of nose and ear hair, and ensure a quick trim towards the neck from time to time. 


Product Care is Hair Care

A fade haircut takes a lot of intricacy and precision, and therefore, needs to be taken care of. If you use products that make your hair frizzy or unnecessarily dry, the cut can turn into a disaster of different hair lengths making no sense. This makes hair care so important and the products you choose even more important. If you have invested in such a classy looking haircut, why not go the whole way and make the good looks last?


Touch up yourself

The time between one haircut and the next can feel annoying because you don’t know what to do with the unwanted length of hair in the fade. Don’t hesitate to touch up yourself but make sure to not ruin what you have already got. Keep three things in mind:

  1. Avoid using a beard trimmer for the fade. Use the right clipper and trimmer for clean lines.
  2. Start from the bottom line and work your way up towards the temple.
  3. You can always go for round two of trimming but you cannot add more hair to what you’ve taken off. Make sure to not cut too much and set a guard.


With these simple tricks and tips, you’ll be able to maintain your style for longer and hold up before your next chop.

Fade Haircut: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re feeling bombarded with a lot of information, if you’re unable to decide from too many options, this section is to clear out all your queries. Head down to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about fade haircuts and hairstyles:



  • How many fade haircuts are there?


Innumerable. One of the reasons why fade haircuts are so popular is that they can be styled in several different styles and transformed to suit the occasion. There are about seventy different fade haircuts, which along with their transformations and styling creates hundreds of different looks.



  • Which is the best fade haircut?


Low fade hair cuts, taper fades, and faux hawk are favorites among all ages and demographics alike. These are known to be suitable for all hair types and the contemporary looks make them the best fade haircuts.



  • How to explain a fade haircut to a barber?


The best option is naturally to show them a picture of the kind of look you want. In order to explain the details of the haircut, you need to explain factors like — the size of hair you want at the top, the amount of skin to show on the sides, the kind of hairline and any lines that you want to break the consistency of the fade.



  • How long does a fade haircut last?


A typical fade haircut lasts for no more than 3 to 5 days, or even a week if you’re lucky. So if you’re planning to sport a perfect fade for an occasion, make an appointment only a day prior!


We’ve given you the best options to choose from, have covered your basics of grooming and maintaining whichever look you choose for yourself, and left you with all your questions and queries answered. Now all that’s left is taking the leap and getting one of the trendiest haircuts of the year for yourself.


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