168 Valkyrie Tattoos To Show Your Fighting Spirit

Valkyrie is a famous norse mythologycal character that many people draw inspiration from. Valkyrie tattoo is associated with superstar and warrior meanings and to a great extent ignites the same feelings in the wearer. Adorning the tattoo has a way of lifting up one’s spirit as its more like an embodiment of the same qualities that the superstar had.


Stunning Valkyrie tattoo ideas

Valkyrie tattoo has a potent message to those who reckon it. This acts as a reassurance that the wearer has great things destined for him. The way color is used adds intricacy and contrast to the style.

Most wearers prefer the tattoo inked on their arm. This is because the arm is vast and therefore provides enough space for the art. It also makes it visible enough.

If one is going for a full-body tattoo, the back is the perfect place. Below is an amazing piece of art that one can be inspired with.

The underarm can also be a suitable place for a huge tattoo. Consider going for the underarm is good as an alternative solution.

The maiden can not be represented with a single color. Those looking for a more dramatic look, than this is one of the best inspiration to get.

Such an animated valkyrie tattoo design that’s definitely a head-turner. Without too much colors, it brings out all the distinct features which looks nice.

Classic Valkyrie Tattoos

A female warrior with tears in the form of blood. This can definitely be perceived that one is going to a battle or being prepared for one. It can also show someone’s characters without having said much.

Want a more realistic look. With more colors, the tattoo can actually bring the aspect that it is real. The one below can also be worn by females who are inspired by the valkyrie tattoo.

As it is believed that the wings were for the horses that the warriors used to ride on, it can also be viewed differently. It may be a sign of progress in one’s life. Having wings on the valkyrie tattoo can have different perspectives.

Women can also have the tattoo their epitome. One is free to choose the art with a more subtle look even if it is one with dark colors. This is so beautiful.

Sophisticated looks can be very tricky. Nevertheless, you can choose a revolutionary piece of art without it being so bulky. This requires one who is a master to take a task on this type of look and make it appealing.

Going for the real look requires a big space so that it can pop. For this to happen without making it too boring, you can also add some knick-knack. This makes the tattoo more catchy.

Classic Valkyrie Tattoos

An advanced design requires you to have a high level of keenness. If not the tattoo will appear grimy which doesn’t look very good on the wearer.

The tattoo below fitted for those who would like better the idea of a bulky finish. The darker the colors makes the image look bulky. Thus one can achieve this using more dark hues. Anyhow using darker colors may not be the only option, you can use light ones for other different features ie; eyes.

The tattoo can also be one that provides spiritual vigour and helps unleash one’s potential. This can be worn by anyone.

The image of valkyrie implies the assistance of people fighting for their land and families. It combines the main characters that a true warrior needs.

Colors used in a tattoo is what makes them quaint. Having too many colors on one tattoo without exaggerating can make the art look beautiful. This requires much work, unlike the one that you use only a specific color.

Best Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

Consider combining this kind of tattoo with others such as the skull. This is when someone has a different perspective of the Valkyrie symbol. Ancient literature has made it known that the valkyrie tattoo comes with different meanings. So, you should find a meaning that’s suitable before agreeing to be inked.

Ashy looks can sometimes be hard to achieve. Going to a professional is one thing to consider before having a tattoo inked on one’s body. The knowledge of the artist may help someone know how to achieve the ashy effect without going wrong.

Using a wide range of tones can make an image be more appealing to the eye. This is because an artist can blend them together to make a different color which will bring out a distinct feature in a tattoo.

Below is a tattoo for those who prefer a hazy look. It is not too dark or too light and just has the perfect tone. This can be a suitable look for men.

Both men and women can rock this kind of style. It looks vibrant with the colors used and does not bring about monotony in the piece of art.

This tattoo has a shimmery effect on the tree with branches which creates a lively look. Together they create a beautiful aesthetic.

A tattoo of the maiden with skull shows that someone is ready for war. This type of tattoo can be inspiring to those in the military as much as anyone else.

The compass tattoo can also be used to respect one’s heritage. The one below can be an inspiration for those who like dark colors.

Elegant Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

Having a skull as a tattoo can show that one is willing to fight. This can be suitable for someone who is daring and willing to take chances at anything.

The leg can also be a great place to have a large tattoo of the valkyrie symbol. It will provide enough space and make the art more appealing.

Jet black colors can be a difficult color to work with. Mixing it with red will make it lively just like in the art below.

One piece of artwork that encompasses power and elegance.

A classic blend of colors with the distinct yellow creating such a beautiful contrast.

It can’t be considered as an ideal valkyrie tattoo if it lacks life and elegance.

Magical Valkarie Tattoo Ideas

Whether it’s the aspect of militancy or versatility that makes this tattoo appealing, you can be assured of a design that stands out.

Such a balanced way in the use of color. Every emotion expressed adds depth to the design in such a cool way.

Beauty and sophistication all expressed in one design. Every aspect of the tattoo below looks amazing.

If you want to express those qualities that are present in areal warrior then this is the perfect expression.

Smooth out those negative memories of war by adorning this tattoo. You should, however, be bold enough for the design.

Amazing valkyrie tattoos that bring out that fearful and scary look. The aspect of color is another cool thing about the design that adds contrast.

Valkyrie doesn’t only express peace, it also expresses strength and militancy.

From the shiny nature of the design to the unique elements used, every aspect of the design is just magical.

Valkyries were known as lovers of militant warriors. the mythological virgins were also considered as spirits of military battles.

Amazing Valkyrie TattooIdeas

The romantic and beautiful creatures with long hair symbolized a number of things to different people. The style below is just adorable and looks great on the sleeve.

Such a perfect design for the sleeve, every element in the design adds depth and contrast to the design.

As much as the style looks versatile, it has beautiful features that make it pop.

The level of versatility in the design below is just magical. Fits well on the arm where it’s worn.

Over the years valkyries have been endowed with the appearance of real women and destiny. The design below looks epic by all standards.

Having a valkyrie tattoo on the sleeve is just magnificent. It exudes an element of intricacy.

Make it colorful and with a range of blending colors for it to stand out.

Pretty cool tattoo with the use of color bringing out that breathtaking appeal.

Magnificence and elegance all in one design. The aspect of color also adding dimension to the overall look.

Versatile Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

Perfect piece of artwork that exudes elegance. Every piece of an element used is indeed a masterpiece.

Colorful design with the colors adding contrast.

Make it stand out with adorable colors.

Add some versatility by combining different elements.

The level of intricacy is appealing and worth trying out.

Adorable Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

Such a magnificent piece of design looks great on the sleeve.

What a versatile imagery, the styling is adorable.

A masterpiece of artwork with the colors adding depth to the design.

The design below is not only eye-catching but kind of adds life to the artwork.

Decide on a style that blends well with your complexion and personality.

All that comes out when you look at the design is a warrior.

Make it stand out by embracing dominant shades and appealing artwork.

Such a beautifully designed tattoo with every element adding life to the design.

Cool Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

Before you adorn valkyrie tattoo, consider acquainting yourself with the meaning.

Wearing a tattoo on both legs is not only cool but also makes the design stand out.

Nothing adds life and contrast to a design like the use of colors.

Magnificent artwork with appealing features.

Every color used in the design adds life and makes the entire design stand out.

The place you choose to wear your tattoo should be spacious enough to make it stand out.

A beautiful work of elegance, every aspect of design looks amazing.

Make it pop by adding layers of elements that stand out.

Magnificent valkyrie tattoos

The level of sophistication demonstrated in the design below is just amazing.

Wings were a sign of sincerity, clarity, and protection on one’s soul. This can be a positive affirmation for one is in a difficult situation.

Adorable valkyrie tattoos

Valkyrie tattoo is one of the most prominent warrior tattoos to get. It is also at a peak for those who are fond of Norse Mythology. There are also different meanings to these kinds of tattoos. Before getting one, you should consider looking at the kind of meaning each of the tattoos portray.

The valkyrie was believed to choose the one who dies and one who lives. This can also be applied in real life. One person can choose who they want to leave behind in their life or one who stays. This is if someone is looking for some change in his life.

Another key thing associated with valkyrie art is an honor. This is because she would be the one to make decisions in the battlefield. Along making decisions comes honor which is why most people would like to have it on.

Having a valkyrie tattoo can also be for remembrance. For people who want to have a memory of someone whom they regarded as a hero in their life.

There are a variety of tattoos to select from. If one does not like full face, then the wings are just a suitable choice. If you also prefer much smaller tattoos, the wings are no exception.

Going to a non-professional person to do a skillful art like the one below might be a disaster. In order for one to get a masterpiece, you are advised to do your research before landing on one specific one. Get to see the work that they have done before and then you can choose.

Artistic Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

Seeking guidance on professionals can also be a good thing. Before landing on one design, the artist can confirm to you that taking a full body size of the tattoo will be better. This is depending on the space available and other designs.

A powerful piece of artwork that radiates beauty.

Get inspiration from a range of tattoo ideas that works for all genders.

Red is a very dominant color that will make any design standout.

Such a beautiful combination of colors that makes a rich tattoo.

If you are a fun of sophisticated looks then this is a perfect choice.

An adorable piece of artwork, every element in it looks amazing.

Dark and scary tattoo ideas

The dark color adds texture and depth to the design.

A bold design that exudes deep meaning.

This is the epitome of sophistication, so elegant and also scary.

Fiery and captivating with the yellow shade adding contrast to the design.

Go that extra mile with your design by adding features that blend well.

An amazing valkyrie tattoo that covers the entire leg.

If you’re not scared of the elements used then you can opt for the design below due to its uniqueness.

Best Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Such a design works well for a large space such as the chest area or the back.

Beautiful piece of artwork with the black shade and elements blending so well.

The combination of blue and black is not only elegant but also adds a nice contrast.

Considering an emo look, the one below is just fine. It does not take up too much space and it is also light. Finding this type of setting can be a strain but once found, it always comes out perfect.

Simple valkyrie Tattoo ideas

Valkyrie tattoo can also be used as a feminine tattoo. This is because the warrior is a female with a helmet and armor. For one to understand the purpose of the tattoo, one is advised to accompany it with other types of tattoos. The venus symbol can also be used alongside this just to make intention explicit.

Shiny tattoos can be a good look for women. The tattoo doesn’t have to be so shimmery just a little shine can give the glow which will make it look beautiful.

The tattoo below would look great on both genders since it is not too pale or too shiny. It gives the right touch to the art without making it too complex.

Using an apricot color is scarce and one may not have enough knowledge to know how it works. The tattoo below gives an illustration of what can be done with the color orange.

In addition to using black, one can also mix it with the color green or a neon blue to get the desired effect. One can also use it in different parts such as hair or eyes.

Getting great ideas before getting a tattoo is something that is advisable. This is because one may find another tattoo that is better than the one they have. Doing research online is the easiest way to get different types of ideas to try out.

Best Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

Mixing different symbols of the valkyrie tattoo is something one can try. Having the warrior, the compass plus the eagle is a nice way to indicate strength.

Amazing art is something one can be proud of. With the blending of colors, different things can come up to have one meaning with just the correct colors to choose from.

Having a small tattoo of the head is also preferred for those who like it and also for those who don’t have enough space. By using a small space, one is advised to first start with the more distinct features then followed by the rest.

Most people have embraced the idea that the only color to use a lot in a tattoo is black. Below we can see that even bright colors like red can be to a maximum. When combined with different colors, it makes the art clean.

Using the color white to create an illusion of glitter is a nice way of making a tattoo pop. Adding a tattoo of the wolf is a clever idea as it is one of the bravest animals.

Colors may make a tattoo stand out when they are picked wisely. Below is a tattoo that can be used as an inspiration for men who would like to try different colors.

Beneath is a traditional tattoo of the Valkyrie warrior. This is for the people who are into the Scandinavian mythology and would like to be recognized.

Beautiful piece of art for those who like dark colors. This can look good on men.

Adding some ornament on a piece of work can change the whole look from looking dull to looking extravagant. Even with one use of color, different pieces can equally come up together to form one magnificent item.

Stunning Valkrie Tattoos

Most snake hunters are known to love tattoos and combining the warrior with the snake will just give it an incredible look.

Most people have the tattoo of the warrior with long hair but even with short hair, it still looks splendid. This is one way to show courage.

Achieve a clean look by using a light black with white. Gray can also work to create an effect that isn’t too dark. This can be suitable for both genders.

For a more conspicuous look, dark colors are the best. The one below is suitable for any gender.

The face of the warrior is used so much that it can now be drawn differently. This is a pleasing inspiration for those who prefer being tattooed the face only

Using lighter colors other than black can be tricky but this is a masterpiece. People who would like to mix a color other than black can go for this.

The idea of this kind of tattoo is just extraordinary. It is dark, looks a little bit heavy but has a very interesting look.

Want a nice, elementary but colorful look, the one below should act as an inspiration. With the use of alternative colors one can make the art aesthetically pleasing.

Tattoos can be made simple by just using one color to achieve all desired effects. This is as shown below in the image.

A tattoo of the warrior with a half moon and stars. Having different themes also makes the designs more fascinating to look at.

Magnificent Valkyrie Tattoos

Below is a magnificent piece of art. This is fitting for men who like complicated designs.

Roses are beautiful and when combined together with the valkyrie tattoo,it shows the beauty of the warrior. When one looks at the tattoo, they not only see the strength but also the beauty of the warrior.

Having a tattoo on the neck side is a rare option for most people. Using colors that match one’s skin tone is also another thing for one to consider before having tattoos. The one below is a genius way of mixing color with skin tone.

Mixing too many bright colors can be disastrous but with the vision, one can create a masterpiece. The valkyrie tattoo below shows how one can use different bright colors to achieve something that looks good.

The helmet symbolizes militancy which can be a great inspiration for those in the army. They may also use it to reassure themselves that they are ready to fight for others.

Most people have tattoos to show off their beauty or different forms of art. For one who wants to display their tattoo, they should consider having it on the arm or leg.

Perfect Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

The arm provides enough space for a tattoo that is not large enough. Those who want a design with just the right size can go for the tattoo on the arm.

For one to get such a satisfying look, they should acquire knowledge from a professional. An art such as this requires patience so as to get a good finish.

Beautiful picture of the valkyrie. The artist has used different colors to bring out the distinctive features of the maiden which appears to be intriguing.

Horses were used for battle and are also viewed as strong animals. Having this kind of tattoo can just emphasize one’s strength in many different ways.

Below is a  valkyrie tattoo with an eagle’s feet as the hands. The eagle uses it’s feet to scratch out the old parts of its body in order to gain new ones. This can just be used as a sign that one is strong or trying to replenish themselves.

For tattoo lovers having different tattoos alongside the valkyrie is a great way to show different kinds of meanings. Just like the one below, it gives a clear picture.

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According to ancient American history, arrows mean strength in field sports as well as the battlefield. Therefore it can be used to portray one’s strength in different ways.

Having a gentle look at a tattoo may not be a very easy task. Yet with the kind of look below, one can get easily motivated by the idea. The artist has used vibrant colors to get a more simple look which makes it amazing.

Spectacular Ideas to try out

Assuming that one has the desire of getting a smoky look, the one below is just a perfect art to draw inspiration from. It is dark and heavy but also brings out an overall good look.

Ladies can also go for this kind of look if they are passionate about the valkyrie symbol. Not only is it beautiful but also chic and full of style. Using vibrant colors can be a good look on ladies.

Below is an exceptional piece of fine art. The artist has used one color in different shades and tints to bring out different features on the tattoo.

For those who fancy bold shades, the tattoo below is a perfect idea for one to get some inspiration from. It may be dark but still appears to be more kept together.

A compass tattoo on the forehead can be a classic idea. The compass represents a tone of meaning. One of them is direction and protection. If one is searching for a direction in their life, the compass tattoo might as well be the perfect design.

Want a discreet look of the valkyrie tattoo, the best to go for are the wings. This is because it is not very large and using one color can make the image appear more attractive.

Having a tattoo like the one below can show different sides of someone. This doesn’t have to involve the person explaining their personality but it just comes out straight to others. It can be viewed that one is strong.

Beautiful Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

Animated glance looks good with white and black color. This is because all distinctive features of the character are visible and image appears to be clean.

Below is colorful piece of art of the valkyrie symbol. Adding other features such as a nose ring can make the image peculiar at the same time very attractive.

Accompanying the valkyrie tattoo with an image of an eagle is a brilliant idea. Most people have the knowledge that the eagle is a powerful bird. With this kind of view one can be assumed as powerful as both characters.

If you run out of space and still want a full size of the valkyrie tattoo, the best place is to be inked on the thigh. This is because it is vast and compared to the look one may go for, it requires a big space.

Black and white colors are preferred by most people who are looking forward to be tattooed. This is because they are easy to work with. Furthermore, they provide a more clean look.

For those who prefer the bold type of look can go for the one below. Dark colors make the tattoo more conspicuous and they make the art distinct.

Looking for a simple, subtle and colorful design, the one below is the right one to go for. As much as it is vibrant, it is also not bulky.

Having different colors can make create a more outgoing look. It only requires one to know the kind of hues to mingle with in order to get a much more satisfactory look.

Amazing Valkyrie Tattoos

Adding some different aesthetics can be good even if one is using only one color. This can make the tattoo more vibrant and make it more animated.

Beneath is an incredible art of the valkyrie tattoo with a mask. This one can be suitable for those who are going for a much more advanced tattoo design.

People also have the tattoo of the valkyrie inked on their bodies since they are used in most games. Those passionate about video games find that they use a female warrior to fight. Hence this can inspire someone to be tattooed the valkyrie tattoo as a character in a game they like.

Incredible Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

The wings are so popular to represent horses. This is because it was believed that the valkyrie rode on horses out of the cloud.

The tattoo can be suitable for those in the military. This can be an encouragement knowing that there are ready to fight and win. It can also be motivational if they only look up to it.

Using different styles of armor and arrow can bring a different aspect. Some can view as being ready for a battle or even show someone’s bravery. Colors also add a touch to it which makes it a wonderful piece of art.

People choose to tattoo the valkyrie for refinement and beauty. Little do they know that it is an emblem of the sacred Slavic. It not only carries the meaning of tranquility but also a representation of human rights to shielding of their foundations.

Below is a tattoo of the brave maiden. With different shades of black, you can get an astonishing tattoo with just one color of different shades.

Beautiful Valkyrie Tattoos

Using different hues makes the tattoos look vibrant. That’s why a lot of people prefer the vivid colors compared to the restriction of only one color.

The meaning of these tattoos is liberation thus artists tend to use this form while drawing the tattoos. They focus on different colors, subjects and styles. This is what makes the art look unique from others.

Valkyrie tattoo highlights that whoever wears it will have an amenable confederate. The valkyrie is normally a sign of terminal reward.

Horses are animals that are considered for battle. Together with the warrior, this can be a symbol that one can do extraordinary things. Having this tattoo on can manifest that someone is full of valor.

Most people choose bold colors for their tattoo while others prefer brilliant colors. The diversity of the color ink allows artists to provide evocative scenes.