115 Virgo Tattoos Designs You Need To Get Now

Virgo according to astrology is considered as the virgin or the maiden. Adorning Virgo tattoos means a lot of things to different people. According to Greek mythology, it represents purity and innocence. Those who fall under Virgo zodiac sign are believed to be independent and peaceful and you will get inspiration on a number of elements that depict independence.  Take your time and explore some of the amazing Virgo tattoo ideas that you can consider wearing.


Stunning Virgo Tattoo Ideas

If you’re into artistic yet simple Virgo tattoos then you can find inspiration from a range of them here. The design below looks is stunning with the layered lines making it stand out. The subtle way in which the tattoo is designed makes it stand out beautifully.

Nothing brings life to a tattoo like the creative use of colors. Just like how it’s been designed below, the red and black shades blend perfectly well and enhances the wearer’s overall outlook.

Below is a simple yet ravishing Virgo tattoo. The way it has been displayed shows how it’s simple yet elegant. If you want to go for a minimalist kind of tattoo, this may be just right. The aspect of color is also another cool thing about the design that makes it stand out.

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Nice and discreet are the best words to describe the design below. In addition to being classy, it’s still clean and somehow brings dimension to the back where it’s worn. If you want to accentuate that beautiful body feature then you can consider this minimalist design.

This is one way of displaying a magnificent tattoo. One can gain an understanding of Virgo if they are into astrology. The observant attribute is clearly expressed with the design below and that’s the nature of Virgo.

Best Tattoo Design Ideas

If you are looking for minimalist, low-key tattoos, these are some of the ideas to consider. These can be expressed in different ways using light and darker shades of black.

The wheat is a sign of prosperity and productivity. This tattoo can be used as a sign of reassurance about being positive. It’s not only sleek but also adds dimension to the arm where it’s worn.

With a span of different colours, a constellation can be pleasing. Displaying a Virgo tattoo with an array of colours is so noticeable. This can make people want to try it out.

Top Virgo Tattoo Design Ideas

Assembling all Virgo tattoo elements is a unique idea. This can show some of the different kinds of traits one has. One can use the method below to express different ideas in a neat way.

An effortless way of displaying a tattoo and yet classy. This technique is low-key for those who want a moderate and simple tattoo. If you want something that’s minimalist yet still reflective of your aspirations then you can give the design below a try.

Astrology is a major part of the earth with many people drawing insight and inspiration from their meaning. The mixing of colours not only makes it beautiful but also neat for a Virgo tattoo. This can be elegant but still chic.

Our zodiac sign may describe our gleaming spots. This may be the best way to portray with contrasting shades of black and grey. From the color choice to the stylish artwork, every element of the design look spectacular.

The morning glory striking and exquisite colour may endure the time just like a Virgo sign. This a form of bringing out the different colours in a Virgo tattoo. The design is fascinating on so many levels.

Astonishing Virgo Tattoo Ideas

The maiden tattoo is a common element among the Virgo tattoos. What makes it interesting is how it has been displayed using connected dots. It is spacious but not heavy on the skin.

Having two or more colours on a tattoo may sound bizarre. However, with the method below, one cannot go wrong. The different colors have been used to show the different elements which are unique. The level of contrast in the design below is also spectacular and adds depth to the style.


The morning glory may not attract observation but it will definitely on the shoulder. This is a smart way to depict a Virgo tattoo that is not voluminous. Sassy and appealing are the perfect words to describe the design with the placement also adding focus to the body features.

The tattoo below might as well explain everything about the Virgo elements. This is one may attract attention without exposing too much. It’s unique and also looks fabulous on the wearer.

The glyph is one of the elements that can be used to identify one’s zodiac sign. The symbol explains so much without being too complicated. This is the most preferred symbol for those who don’t want a conspicuous image.

Awesome Virgo Tattoo Designs

For individuals who like a complex look, the one below is the one to go for. It is complex but the different lines make it neat. One can relate to this if they don’t want a too voluminous one.

The flower tattoo with the glyph can clearly point out someone’s attribute. Therefore, with one embellished with dots on the exterior just gives it a nice touch.

Want a sizeable Virgo tattoo but not too bulky. Constellation will make it lightweight and the flower will make it spacious enough.

Individuals who want to try something nice for their first tattoo, this will be the best. The constellation does not take up much space but definitely looks stunning.

One of the best ways to portray the maiden is by being tattooed on the arm or back. This is because they provide enough space to provide a more detailed and elegant look.

Blending of hues can be a tricky thing to do with tattoos. So one must find the perfect colours in order for them to blend well. Just like the one below, it brings out a different view which makes it eccentric.

The constellation and flower bring out a clear look. This is good for individuals who prefer easy looks. It also adds a touch of style which makes it up to the mark.

Below is a tattoo of the maiden, half-moon and constellation. These are the most common Virgo signs each with different meanings. Having these tattoos can symbolize one’s characteristics that are very unique.

Simple Virgo Tattoo Ideas

An amazing tattoo with beautiful colors that add dimension to the wearer. Every aspect of the design is just perfect with every layer looking amazing.

Simple yet classy are the perfect words to describe the style below. The signature like design exudes elegance and looks adorable on the chest where it’s worn.

Take your design a notch higher by incorporating some familiar elements. Everything about the design below looks fantastic and outstanding on so many levels.

When settling for design, consider combining a set of elements that will make your entire work to stand out. The red element incorporated into the design adds contrast to the design and also makes it pop.

Keep it simple yet classy just like in the design below. The choice of color used exudes elegance and are also quite captivating.

Virgo is a form of art and provides one with the room to express their creativity and bring out the best of their designs. the thick dark color used in the design below is spectacular and makes every element stand out.

Classic tattoo ideas

For lovers of wheat, that’s a good symbol to adorn and makes for a perfect tattoo. The dark shades used in the design look spectacular and draws focus to the legs.

Floral features are amazing if properly done. The one below is a piece of artwork that reflects beautifully on the wearer. Dark shades are not just distinct but also contrasts beautifully with the wearer’s complexion.

From the size of the tattoo to the choice of colors used, every aspect of the design looks fabulous. The different colors used also create such a nice contrast.

The level of complexity expressed in the design below is just spectacular. From the facial image to the floral features, every aspect of the design is magical and also fits well on the arm.

Nothing enhances the masculine features of a man like having huge tattoos on the sleeve area. Apart from the color choice which is amazing, the large size of the tattoo is another key element to look out for.

What an amazing piece of artwork, every piece of an element in the design looks spectacular and makes the entire design pop. The aspect of color is another key thing about the design that’s worth taking note of.

Spectacular Virgo Tattoos

One thing that stands out for me with this design is its tribal nature and the beautiful lines that cut through the tattoo. The colors used are spectacular and bring contrast to the entire design.

Red is a beautiful color if creatively used. It has a way of making any style it’s used in pop in a way that’s magical. The design below looks amazing and also captures the entire space it’s worn in such a cool way.

Get inspiration from one bold design that makes your body features to stand out. The bold dark color is magnificent and kind of create a beautiful contrast on the neck where it’s worn.

Adding some quote to your Virgo tattoos design is not only classy but also adds depth to the overall design. The choice of color is another cool thing that reflects well on the skin.

For lovers of flowers, you can incorporate your Virgo tattoos to a beautiful array of flowers like in the design below. the dark color used reflects beautifully and enhances the visual outlook of the wearer.

Amazing Virgo Tattoos

Make it simple and elegant just like in the design below. The outlook is magical and works well for the wearer. If you want something that’s not only simple but also eye-catching then consider going for the design.

Red, dark, and purple make such a lovely combination that contrasts quite well. The beauty of the design nicely reflects on the wearer.

If you are not a fan of the large Virgo tattoos then you can opt for the simple design like the one below. The beautiful outlook makes it stand out on the wrists.

Since there is no specific pattern that can be followed when designing Virgo tattoos, embracing creativity is important.  You can try out these bold layers that are artistically designed with the bold shades making it stand out.

Classic Virgo Tattoo Tattoos

Making your Virgo tattoo bold and enchanting just like in the design below. Such an amazing piece of artwork with every layer enhancing the overall outlook. From the large size of the tattoo to the floral features, every aspect of the design looks fabulous.

Perfect design for a loyal soul. If you’re looking for some dope style to cheer you up then consider settling for the simple design below. It’s, by all means, beautiful and very minimalist with the color making it pop nicely.

With Virgo season being around the corner, there is no better way to step out into your glory than by adorning this amazing design. It’s not only colorful but fits well on the back where it’s worn. The red blue and green shades also create such a nice contrast.

Virgo constellation tattoo is one thing that you can never go wrong with regardless of the design you choose. Get inspiring ideas from a range of styles that you can try out even for half sleeve designs.

Beautiful Virgo Tattoos

Flowers are always outstanding and have a way of adding life to a design if well used. The design below is cool and also fits well on the wrist where its worn.

Full sleeve tattoos are magnificent especially if the right colors and style are used. The bold layers of the design enhance the outlook of the entire design and make it pop. Such adorable way of making your style stand out.

Best Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Two distinct designs that create contrast and make the entire tattoo to stand out. The placement looks perfect considering its small size with the choice of color and pattern making it stand out. Such an amazing way to adorn your favorite tattoo.

As much as the use of color makes a design to scream, you can still make a huge statement by adorning a one color tattoo. The level of intricacy on the design is magnificent and enhances the visual appeal of the wearer.

A bold design that can never go unnoticed. Every element used in the design is not only stylish but also adds dimension to the design. The beautiful blend of black and white looks amazing and kind of enhances the wearer’s masculine features.

For something minimalist and classy, the design below is a perfect choice. It’s simple but exudes elegance with the color also adding contrast to it.

This moon-like artistic tattoo isn’t only beautiful but kind of addresses some unique interests. The shades are kind of subtle yet very appealing with the stylistic nature of the design making it pop.

Complex Virgo Tattoo Tattoos

An array of mystical shades that brings a deep connection with the meanings associated with the tattoo. The design is spectacular and fits well on the leg where it’s worn.

All you need to adorn a breathtaking Virgo tattoo is some creative idea and a nice blend of color. A simple flowery element is enough to create a much-needed contrast.

Amazing way of bringing life to your design by adorning a bold and appealing Virgo tattoo. The color choice creates such an appealing contrast with skin complexion and makes the design stand out.

When settling for that perfect place for Virgo tattoos, consider inking them at a place you are comfortable with. Going by the design below, it not only looks great on the leg but also has ink that stands out.

Simple and elegant are the best words to describe the style below. You can inscribe your initials in such a unique way that also convey deep meaning.

Apart from its versatile nature, the Virgo tattoo below is indeed a masterpiece in so many ways. the bold dark colors used adds intricacy to it and also draw attention to the sleeve.

Versatile Sleeve Tattoos

If you are confident enough to show off your love for Virgo then you can consider settling for the design below. It takes a lot of courage and boldness to go for such a style but one thing is true, its a statement by itself.

It doesn’t have to be huge and colorful for the design to stand out, you can still be minimalist and make a statement.

What an adorable choice of style and color that’s definitely a head-turner. the design looks perfect on the arm and adds dimension to the wearer’s features.

The beauty of Virgo tattoos lie in the fact that you can incorporate it with so many elements. The design below is just magnificent with the blend of colors used making it stand out.

Sleeve tattoos are always epic and incorporating them with Virgo sign adds intricacy to the design. The colors used are also magnificent as they do add a beautiful contrast to the entire design.

Elegant Virgo tattoo ideas

What a beautiful way of enhancing those masculine features. Every aspect of the design looks fabulous and also brings dimension to the upper part of the body. The black color used also blends well with the complexion of the wearer.

The combination of blue, red, and purple is amazing in many ways with the zodiac layers making it pop. Wearing such on the arm adds complexity to the entire design.

A beautiful blend of colors will always make your design stand out. The amazing blend of colors used in the Virgo tattoo below looks magical and adds dimension to the entire design.

Getting a tattoo that’s not only simple but also very artistic is vital. The design below is a beautiful piece of artwork with the fiery elements adding intricacy to the style.

If you are proud of what your zodiac sign represents then there is no better way to express that like wearing its tattoo. Simple and appealing design that reflects well on the wearer.

Make it precise and to the point just like in the design below. If you are not a fun of bright colors then this is a design that’s worth considering. It looks magnificent and can easily go unnoticed.

Magnificent Virgo tattoo ideas

You don’t really have to use complex features for your design to look magnificent. The design below still looks amazing even with the bold colors used in it.

Below is Virgo the maiden tattooed on the leg. This is fitting is fabulous with the colors also enhancing its overall appeal.

The face of a lady tattooed on the arm is a good design for men. Using different colors brings out a very unique style of the tattoo. The design below is suitable for men with the bold dark layers making it stand out.

Virgo written on the back is an amazing idea for men and has a way of enhancing those masculine features. With different shapes of letters, it makes the tattoo look elegant.

A constellation sign tattoo with a lady on the back looks amazing and artistically designed. This is an amazing look for both genders.

Beautiful Virgo design for both genders with the color used contrasting beautifully with the skin complexion. It’s not only simple but somehow intricate with the two elements enhancing the visual appeal. This one is easy to try out for those who are lucky to have Virgo as their zodiac signs.

Half-moon and glyph tattoo design on the arm has that feminine appeal that makes them look great. This is a masterpiece design perfect for both genders.

Appealing Virgo Tattoo Designs

Some exceptional piece of art portrayed below. This idea is best for men looking for a bold and voluminous Virgo tattoo design.

The maiden with a flower and wheat on her head is a sign of opulence. This is perfect for people who need reassurance ahead in their lives.

The Glyph, an element of Virgo star sign tattooed on the arm is simple yet classy. Looking for something essential, this one is right for you.

The maiden with a crown tattooed on the back is a great design for both genders. The mixing of specific colors also makes it just perfect.

One of the best ideas to have all elements of the Virgo star sign is to be tattooed on the arm. Just below is an example of one with the range of elements incorporated adding versatility to the design.  This idea is suitable for guys.

Amazing Virgo Tattoos To Look Foward To

The maiden with collecting wheat is a sign of prosperity. The one below can be used as an inspiration for men and its also more of a tribal design that looks great on the wearer.

Different colours of the tattoo on the collar bone make it beautiful to look at. You can also accompany your name with it, just like the one below. If you want something bold that also brings a little bit of contrast and dimension to your design then consider the one below.

Glyph Virgo’s design below looks spectacular and enhances the masculine features of the wearer. With different colours, the design comes out stunning.

A glyph zodiac sign with different colours on the arm. This is best for both genders and has a way of enhancing the overall outlook of the wearer.

Small Virgo sign behind the ear looks simple yet very classy.  This design is best for women due to its size and chic outlook. You can also choose to hide it if in case you don’t want it visible at all times.

Alluring Virgo Tattoos

Below is a Virgo design of the maiden which also looks quite captivating. The design below is suitable for men who like bold looks and it looks perfect on the arm.

Below is an image of a girl with flowers tattooed on the arm. For people who like to incorporate colours, this is one of the best to try out. the level of complexity expressed in the design is admirable.

Constellation design ideas are jus epic and have a way of adding dimension to space its worn. This provides a minimalist type of look. Good for both boys and girls.

Virgo tattoo designs of a girl with flowers and a hat. This is a good idea especially with it tattooed on the back. This tattoo is suitable for both genders.

Virgo the virgin on the back looks cool. Design is best for both gender and fits well in a large space like the back. If one wants bold looks then this is the best to go for.

Bold Virgo Tattoo Designs

Half-moon with constellation tattoo ideas is best for both genders. It’s rich in context and looks well on the arm where its worn. Does not take up much space and still looks authentic.

Constellation tattoo design on the chest. This idea has a way of enhancing the wearer’s feminine features. In addition to being manageable, it is also cute.

The maiden is a timid female fetching wheat. This is a sign of harvest and can also be used to show that there are good things to come ahead.

The tattoo below is one shade of black. For those who like simplicity, this may be just right. It is effortless but still looks beautiful.

Below is an exceptional art of virgo tattoo. The polished look makes it neat and appealing. This kind of tattoo can be vast on the arm but also has a fresh glance.

Artist’s Impression of Virgo Tattoos

Below is a shiny design whixh is also stylish and very scarce. The lustrous effect makes the tattoo to look more elegant and smart.

One’s favourite colour can also be used in a tattoo. If you like blue, then you can use different shades of blue to come up with an exemplary design,

Colours can be enticing with them incorporated in a tattoo, the look can be very satisfying. Those with an affection for butterflies, this form can be intriguing.

Those with love for nature and tattoos can go for this beautiful constellation. With a range of colours, one can be able to learn different things about Virgo tattoos. The level of complexity expressed in the design below is just spectacular.

Virgo tattoos come in different sizes and if you want an unpretentious look, you can go for this one. this glyph tattoo is just straightforward and still looks amazing.

Spectacular Virgo Tattoo Designs

Flowers are very attractive but together with a Virgo sign attached to it, it is magnificent. The different layers of black introduce an enthralling site with just the right touch of art.

An array of colours can be fashionable and unique. This is golden since its not common. This type of constellation with a mixture of colours can be astonishing and also brings a nice contrast.

A compact constellation of a Virgo tattoo on the arm can be smart with how it has been exhibited. The tattoo is unique and also absolute. The star-like line work in the style below is magnificent and adds contrast to the design.

The style and technique of the tattoo beneath is clever and brings out the most. It is simple, however, brings that classy look. Every element in the design is a unique piece of artwork that adds depth to the style.

The hand is cavernous, therefore provides space for one to have a distinguished tattoo. This is for those that want a complex look. This is an artistic strategy of Virgo tattoo with the entire arm design adding to its level of complexity.