125 Memes That Will Have You Feeling Like You Can Do Anything

Life is hard, we all know that! We have to get through each day sometimes and it’s not always easy. We all have good days and we all have bad days. Life Is A BEACH, right? We can’t help but need a little pick-me-up every now and then. Sometimes when you go through a bad day, you are alone and that can be the worst feeling in the world. There are times when we could all use a little push in our lives. Encouragement and a little push can help us all to get through the day. It’s why memes are so awesome because sometimes it’s all we need to put a smile on our faces.

Sometimes all you need is a picture. It’s simple because you can say a lot in just one picture. When you seeing a picture with meaning, it can speak to you in a very different way. You need the picture just as much as you need the words. A photo will attract a reader and the message is what makes you feel better.

Memes, of course, need no introduction. They are exactly what you need to put a little pep in your step. There are tons of memes out there that will put a smile on your face. Social media has completely changed how we view memes and it’s a great way to get you through the day.

Memes are changing the way we interact with each other and in this case, we have plenty to show you that will instantly put a smile on your face.

Never Give Up

You will never get far in life if you keep giving up so it’s really important that you know not to give up.


Always Take Care of Yourself

It’s always important to take care of yourself no matter what you do. In this case, you need to always be taking care of yourself no matter what.

Always Have Goals

When it comes to life, you need to have goals, that’s how you get to the next level in life. You want to be able to crush your goals constantly, so give yourself a pick up every day.

Yes You Can

Sometimes people struggle with reaching their goals and they think about giving up. That would not be good for anyone. You always have to believe that no matter what, all things can be done.

Keep An Eye On The Prize

This is an amazing meme because it’s all about doing what you have to in order to be successful.

Tacos Can Always Save the Day

We love tacos and if you do too, then you know what we are talking about. If you’re having a bad day, go and do something that makes you feel good, whether that’s eating tacos, going to the spa or having a shopping day.

Always Accept A Challenge

This meme is a confident one and it means that even though there are rough seas in our lives sometimes, you can still accept that challenge and do something amazing with your life.


We Got This

A high-five is a universal saying that makes everyone feel like they belong no matter what.

Be Bold

Isn’t this the truth? Sometimes things don’t go the way we planned but that doesn’t mean that we beat each other up about it. Sometimes we have to say screw it!

For The Love of Memes

Memes are all over the internet, it’s one of the most powerful forms of communication that we see as we scroll social media. It’s easy to say things but when you say what you want through a meme it sends your thoughts into overdrive. They are one of the funniest, most creative ways of sending a message. Memes are everywhere and it’s almost impossible to be on the internet without seeing them. They are everywhere. You literally cannot get through the day without seeing them. You may think that memes are a new thing but they aren’t. There have always been there in one form or another. They are just a means of pop culture that is passed from one person to another but in this case, it’s passed online through social media. People sharing memes from one person to another is a daily if not an hourly event. So, why do people love memes so much? Why is it impossible to not click on them or share them with our friends.

Be Tough Be Wonderful

This is hilarious mainly because we see Samuel L. Jackson in all this and it’s truly one of a kind. We can practically hear him when we see these words and everyone loves Samuel. He is straight to the point and doesn’t care about what anyone thinks.

Memes Make Us Feel Less Alone?

Absolutely! There is a reason why they are so popular. There are things that all people need to have in their lives. They need security, love, and self-esteem. We want to feel like we belong and when it comes to memes, they fill that need. For people to feel happy, they need to feel like they belong and when we post things that we find funny, and someone likes it, it gives us the feeling that we are accepted by other people. Feeling like you belong is such a strong need that people have written whole books about it. That’s why people relate to memes so much, they resonate with people and it makes them feel like they are welcome in a social network. It’s a great way that people start to feel “Less alone” in the world.

Fitness and Empowerment

This is a funny meme because we all know what it feels like to want to skip out on working out at times. This is inspiration enough to have people get into the gym as soon as possible.

You Must Have A Can Do Attitude

It’s a great thing to want to get things done and the best way to do that is to have a positive mindset.

Memes Are Inside Jokes

The reason why people love memes so much is that they are an online version of the inside joke. That’s a universal thing, the idea that we can all together share in on the inside joke. Being part of an inside joke has always been about being accepted socially. We all love that feeling which is why we can’t get enough of memes. The fact that everyone can get in on the same joke, it feels good. Online memes are just the digital version of how that social acceptance feels. It makes you feel even better when your meme gets shared by other people. That feeling of acceptance just keeps growing and growing. This is one small piece of human connection that we can all appreciate while we are online. Being online can be cold and impersonal at times but when you can share a good laugh with someone it makes it a little more enjoyable.

You Have To Know Pop Culture

There are so many different memes out there whether they are about music, politics, love, children, parenting, pets, etc, not everyone understands the same memes. To understand a meme, you have to have a certain amount of knowledge about pop culture, if you don’t, you probably won’t get it. When you click with a certain meme, that’s an acknowledgment that you are hip enough to get the joke or the cultural reference. When you get the joke, you almost feel cool and that builds your confidence.

It Helps To Release Some Stress

Sometimes during stressful times, all you can do is go online to just distract yourself. If you are lucky enough to find the right kind of meme, it can totally ease the stress in your life. The best part about memes is that they often hit on difficult topics and they almost make them easier to talk about because we can poke fun at them. Memes are often about social pressures, major societal changes, politics and so much more. Some are lighthearted while others are not. They are meant to make a point about a subject while still making it possible for you to laugh. Sometimes people can’t put thoughts into words easily and posting a meme makes it really easy. Plus, they are so funny! Memes allow you to think about issues in a challenging way.

The best thing that you can do is to navigate through social media by laughing your way through it. You can connect with family and friends in a new and different way because of memes.

We all need to release some steam and some of the best ways to do that is to look at memes. They are awesome and hilarious because that’s why they are made. They are the best part of social media and they can make us feel instantly better if we are having a bad day.

We hope that you loved the list that we created and feel free to comment on your favorite memes from the list.