17 Zestful Looks with Zayn Malik’s Hair

Guess you didn’t know that

You were my favorite entertainer

Are you engrossed in humming the lyrics? Well, Guys, you guessed it right. We are speculating on your favorite entertainer and teen sensation, Zayn Malik. The teenager who auditioned in X Factor in 2010, is now a well-known face in the cover page of the leading magazines.

From winning the American Music Award to Teen choice award, this star also avails himself on all the fashion publications and newspaper headings. The reason for his stardom and elegance is simple and known to all. His well-groomed trendy hair makeovers never miss a chance to be admired and fashion choice deems him to be replicated by the youth. Whether leaving his boy band One Direction or breaking hits in solo, it is Zayn whom we are always talking about.

While this star rules our mind with his voice, he surely vices our fashion sense too. Deemed as ‘the sexiest man in the world’ a number of times, Zayn never fails to impress us with his unique hair makeovers. Whether the Crew cut, or the angular fringe, the buzz cut, or the mid taper fade, this celebrity has set a trend to enhance your look in all your hair types.

Taking into consideration the length of your hair and the type, Zayn too has the reasons to surprise you in short, middle length, or long hair. People simply go gaga over his Red Carpet looks or his different hair makeover in every hit video.

The Top 10 Zayn Malik’s Hairstyles to Watch Out For

Music-crazy fans, ‘Zquads’, are you swooning over Zayn’s style? Wish to look just like him, then allow your fandom to groom your style. Unable to choose your best from Zayn’s hair fashion statements, no worries. We are here to for you to help choose the style that suits you the best. This could be one of those exciting things to do during your spring break!

1. The textured haircut

While some are blessed with smooth, textured hair, others might be brooding of not having the same. This hairstyle can be achieved by cutting your hair in numerous layers and in a short, jagged manner. Style yourself with a bit of beard and you are good to go.

2.The tousled haircut

Who says that looking messy is not trending? Zayn proved you right with his hair yelling his fashion statement. This effortless hairstyle is well enough to hide your thinning hair too. The maintenance for this hair makeover is never asked for and looks sleek with a beard. Best applicable on the hair of medium length.

3.The top knot

Zayn seems to be a choosy fellow and brings in innovation to the existing styles. While the classic top knot features a high fade with sufficient and a bit longer hair over on the top to slick back properly and bunches into a sufficient tie-up, Malik seems not to abide by the rules. He prefers the side-shaved up-do, followed by a fade. He pairs his style excellently with his short, grungy beard. Preferable to go with your party look.

4.Slicked Back

Doesn’t Zayn look cute in this makeover? Sure, he does and you can too just by keeping your hair simple and using a plain hairband to keep your slicked back in position. This hairstyle is quite easy to recreate on your own and looks stunning on middle-length hair. Use pomade or gel and try combing it towards the back of your head. Recommended on straight hair.

5.Shaggy hairstyle

A heart-throbbing appearance on the iHeartRadio Music Awards which focused all eyes just on him. He says to have been inspired by Justin Bieber’s classic shaggy style but added a bit of flair of his own by pairing his shaggy style with a side-swept front. Featuring his teased, voluminous waves to the side at the front, he showed off his ruffled long locks in the back. This carefree look demands little maintenance and can easily be done in the period of growing long locks. If you are not blessed with volume, you can always fake your volume by using a blow dryer.

6.Drop fade fauxhawk

Thinking about the origin of drop fade fauxhawk, then thank Zayn for his innovation. This hairstyle is the ultimate choice of teenagers who wish to flaunt their free-spirited attitude. Although the style indulges in a number of elements of a skin fade in combination with a brush-up in the front, it is worth your time and patience. The neatly shaven ends blend excellently with a thin beard. You need to visit your stylist every 3-4 weeks for maintaining a neat fade.

7.The quiff

It is much debated that Zayn channeled his inner Elvis Presley using this rugged appearance but we find it as one of his distinct looks. His quiff pairs with a narrow strand falling naturally in the front of his face while the voluminous mane is slicked back using gel or pomade. This hairstyle suits the best in medium-length hair. If your hair is thinning, mess it a bit in the front. This style looks absolutely dashing on all black-tie events.

8.Messy blonde undercut

The star is definitely in love with an undercut and has also mesmerized us in his blonde trends. So, it is quite feasible to join in both the trends for his signature look. While the back and the sides are left short, he flaunts his longer highlighted blond ends. Pairs off excellently with a light beard and black wardrobe.

9.Long hair with shaved sides

Zayn put up more of a punk artist’s attitude using this touch up to his hair. He simply shaved off a side of his hair while the long part aided contrast. With his tattoos furnishing his looks, he seemed more of a rock star. This look adorns you perfectly if you are a die-hard metal fan and wish to bang your head with the guitar strings but in Zayn Malik’s way. You can smoothen the longer part of the hair for the best results.

10.Blonde buzz cut

Zayn presented himself with this haircut in Paris Fashion Week, which was an instant eye-pleasure to the audience. His dyed blonde hair was styled in the form of a buzz cut, paired with a line-up. This hairstyle is much organized and flaunts distinct features such as the temple region. This style creates a stunning contrast to his dark facial hair, bringing out his rugged appearance. The look is a bit of daring but you can definitely try it if you wish to look pop.

Tips to style your look just like Zayn:

Zayn seems to be blessed with thick and voluminous, black, raven hair. A trendsetter to men hair fashion whom you wish to emulate. Even this star knows that maintaining a hair routine is a must, so should you. Luckily we can help you a bit to know how to style your hair.

  • Apply pomade or gel for maintaining the perfect Zayn slicked-back look. But do remember to remove it by rinsing it with the help of a pomade shampoo in hot water as gelatin melts in hot water. Condition after that.
  • Shave the edges of your newly grown hair to maintain the perfect Zayn top knot. Avoid the top knot to be too tight as you might suffer from alopecia later.
  • Do chop off the split ends to ensure healthy hair growth.
  • Deep condition to make your bangs smooth and shiny.
  • If you are highlighting your ends just like Zayn, use a color-protect shampoo to ensure the longevity of your highlight.


Frequently asked queries:

  • Does Zayn prefer short hair?

Well, looking back into his trends, he surely loves short hair and has added flair to all his hairstyles. He flaunts his crew cut, buzz-cut or Caesar cut quite gracefully.

  • How to make my thinning hair look like Zayn’s thick volume?

Not many are blessed with thick hair like Zayn but you have good reasons to fake it by using a blow dryer or by changing the direction of your quaff. You may also use Voluminising powder at the roots of your hair to puff it up.

  • Can I apply Zayn’s hairstyle in my curly hair?

Actually it should not be a preferable choice to go with your look but if you are dying to do so, it is advisable to opt for his drop fade fauxhawk or blonde buzz cut or his crew cut.

  • What age group should Zayn’s hairstyle best suit?

Well, Zayn has himself undergone a revolution in hair fashion right from his teenage. While his blonde buzz suits men below 30, his messy or shaggy style is a favorite to teens. You can manage to look like a cute teen with his slicked look. His unique quaff is suitable for men under 40.

  • How to carry off Zayn’s unique quiff look?

Doesn’t Zayn look ravishing in his unique quiff look? You can too by pairing off with a black wardrobe. Try not to grease the strand of hair falling to your face as you wish to appear quite natural. This look is your ultimate choice in winter.