46 Zelda Triforce Tattoos That Elicit Your Inner Power

Adorning tattoos has become the trend with the majority of people always on the lookout for the best style to try out. Before you settle for any design, you should do your research before settling for a certain tattoo. This way you can know the different meanings and find the one that fits best with your personality.

You should also do research on the artists offering the services of tattooing your body to avoid being exploited. Looking for the best designs can be a bit struggle but you can find some amazing Zelda Triforce tattoos on the internet. This will help you pick a design that suits you best.


Amazing Zelda triforce tattoo ideas

The Triforce symbol comes from the video game of the Legend of Zelda. The basic explication is always built from the game. It constitutes of three virtues of dauntlessness, potential, and insight. These are viewed as the creator beings of the universe. They are identified as the Golden Goddesses. The characters in the game are known to have been connected with the players before. This is what inspires people to have their favorite characters inked on their body for different reasons.

The design below looks magnificent yet very simple. The color choice is another cool thing that makes it stand out.


There is a deep connection of the symbol with the players even as the game evolves. This is because the conditions of the game can also be applied in a real-life situation. If one has an aspiration to prosper in life, then virtues such as proficiency and boldness are important. Having this tattoo can be a driving force to help someone improve on themselves since it is permanently there and can be used as an assurance.

Zelda triforce tattoos are magical and are normally standard in size. You can spice it up by choosing the color of choice.

Having this tattoo of the triforce can be used as an affirmation that one has these characteristics. Being tattooed on the back can be a great idea for those who would prefer a vast look. This type is suitable for men as it nicely enhances those masculine features. Incorporating colors also makes it stand out. This is an easy way to attract some attention in places like at the beach. The tattoo is spread all over the back making it visible even from afar.


Classic Zelda Triforce Tattoos

One can add golden colors so that it may resemble the original golden triangles as it was made in the game. One can also go for other colors to make it more appealing. Going for the color below is a good option because many people prefer the black color due to its versatile nature. This color makes the tattoo exceptional even from a far distance and adds contrast to the design as well. This design also looks good on both men and women.

The Zelda triforce tattoo design below is not as complicated. If one wants a less complex look, then this is the right one to go for. It is simple but gives out a clear message of what one is. A tattoo as tiny as that one can be full of messages despite being so small. This can be suitable for females. Being tattooed around the waist area also gives the wearer some kind of uniqueness. This is because many people go for the other body parts.

Outrageous Zelda Triforce Tattoo Designs

One can get themselves tattooed the triforce as a sign of memory. If one has a role model or wants to remember someone with the same characteristics as the ones portrayed in the game. This may just act as the best candidate for the tattoo. Possessing this tattoo can always make you aware that people are always with you. Tattoos mean different things to people so as you adorn your ink, the meaning you associate it with should be something empowering.

Most people prefer the black color in order to have a more put-together image. This makes it clean and much more efficient. The one below is best fitted for girls who would like to showcase their tattoos without any difficulties. This is one of the inspirations to get. The choice of color reflects beautifully on the wearer and makes the design stand out.

zelda-tattoos18041618.jpg (600×479)

Side tattoos can also be a great way of having them inked on your body. This provides a classy look. It can be suitable for both men and women who love massive tattoos. If you want to flex a tattoo then this may be the best way when at the beach. Going for an ashy look will not make this tattoo stand out. The jet black color gives it some touch which makes look vibrant and also creates a much-desired contrast with body complexion.

Amazing Zelda Triforce Tattoos

Link is one of the recognized characters in the game. Choosing his sword as a tattoo not only describes him as a swordsman but also represents humility. With this, you will always remember that you need to stay humble at all times. The colors also play a major role when drawing out the characters. You may be required to use the colors that are more vivid and bring out the character’s hidden traits. Adding some decoration or features is also another way of making it pop.

Using a mixture of colors is a great way to express different types of characters. With the correct colors, blending them may not be so difficult. It also makes the art more vibrant. It is not necessary to use black as the main color, you can spice it still with bright colors as that also creates contrast. In the image below we can see a wide range of different colors which still looks good.

Astonishing Zelda Triforce Tattoos

Choosing to draw different items from the game can be very delicate. You must look for a professional and examine their work before making a decision on the person going to tattoo you. By doing this you may avoid getting unwanted surprises after the work has been done. The tattoo below is an exemplary piece of art that one may gain some inspiration from. From the choice of colors to the style used, every element used to an expert makes the design pop.

Some people finding pleasing to draw their favorite characters in a game. This inspires them in different ways. If you are looking forward to drawing your best character, below you can find some inspiration. An arrow is the best way to know that someone is ready for war or hunt this makes it a wonderful piece of art with the colors blended together.

If you want to achieve the desired effect, you do not have to rely only on one color. Different colors blended together can create a look that one color can not. There is an advantage to using many colors because you can use the colors differently to create different looks. An emo look can be best on guys. This can easily show that someone has a great love for the game.

Amazing Zelda Triforce Tattoos

A tattoo of the Zelda triforce inked on the hand. This is an amazing idea for those that want to have all the symbols with a non-complex image. You can just go for the simple one like the one below to pull off a greater look. If you portray some traits just like the characters in the game, this may be the best way to remind you of them. Having such a design in the hand is not a simple task considering the pain and aftercare that comes with inking tattoos. The colors used and style adds intricacy to the entire design in such a cool way.

Along with the symbols, you can also accompany them with some writing. This can be according to how you view the tattoo you want. This can help someone to easily know the meaning of the tattoos once they see the writing. The owl is always viewed as a wise animal. This can motivate you to wear it to show people that you are wise. The color choice and elements used are also fascinating and also adds some element of contrast to the design.

Appealing Triforce Symbol Tattoos

Most games use female characters as warriors and this can be used to express different meanings. Some use it to show bravery while some can also wear the same look to portray that both genders are equal. To make it evident, you can also go for a couple of other tattoos just as shown below. Colors also play a major role in showing people the different forms of weapons the characters have. The blue shades are just exceptional and bring that distinct outlook on the design. The subtle shades of red and green also add contrast to the design.

When getting a tattoo one may also consider their pain endurance. Fleshy body parts are less likely to be painful but those with less flesh are definitely painful. This is because the needle directly pricks the bone which can be something others may not endure. You can also use different techniques to bring out the major Zelda triforce triangles at the center. You can draw some inspirations with the tattoo below. This can be an option too since it is unique.

Before deciding whether you want a small or big tattoo, you might consider asking the artist. This is because some tattoos appear to be nice when smaller while others appear to be beautiful when bigger. Adding a little bit of embellishment can improve the tattoo and make it a masterpiece in just a record time. Remember that inking is not a fun experience as much as the tattoos look beautiful. You should, therefore, be ready to endure some pain and also be willing to take some good aftercare of the tattoos.

Best Zelda Triforce Tattoos

The jet black color of the tattoo below is what makes it more intriguing. The placement is also perfect and this may make one curious to know what it is. If you definitely want to make someone curious about your tattoo, revealing a small part is a way to do it. This may leave them more interested and may even look for ways to see it. Everything about the design below exudes elegance and some element of intricacy with the colors also enhancing that visual appeal.

Picking out the right designs is a good thing to look into before getting any diagram inked on your body. Below is a beautiful piece of art that looks astonishing even with just one color. Here you can find inspiration if you are interested in drawing the eye. The eye looks good with a bigger frame that why many people go for the spacious parts such as the hand. The upper arm area is another nice place for having the ink especially if you want something that you can hide whenever you feel like.

Gorgeous Zelda Tattoos

Adding some other elements with a sword makes it tidier. With the colors incorporated beautifully, one can not go wrong wearing this kind of look. It’s also lively and can never bring about monotony to the wearer or even others. The sword represents war and someone can wear this type of look to show that they are not someone to mess with. It can also be used with the people in the military. The sword can assure them that they will always be ready for war no matter what.

Tattooing all your best characters is what you go for if you are passionate about it. Although the piece below will require some time before it is done, it is worth waiting since the piece comes out neat with the different colors making it magnificent. Regardless of having this many colors in a tattoo, one’s outfit can not go wrong. This kind of art will require space and therefore may be best if tattooed on the arm, thigh, or even the back. Below is a tattoo suitable for guys.

If you want to have your first tattoo then this is the best you could go for. Chest tattoos can be worn by anyone. It only takes a master to pull it off and to make the design look incredible. Below is a tattoo where you can draw inspiration from and learn how to wear the same looks in a similar or different kind. Flaunting a tattoo like this will be best if low cut necks are worn but if you want more coverage then a full neck will be okay.

Stunning Zelda Triforce Tattoos

Most people prefer their arm to have their first tattoo. This is because they won’t have to go the extra mile if they want to show it off to their fellows. Having arm tattoos is also a great spot since it provides sufficient space for drawing the image. The black color is good for those who want to go for something that is more simple but also looks stunning. Such an amazing design with the bold dark shades reflecting beautifully on the wearer and also creating a nice contrast.

The lower abdomen is a unique place to draw the tattoo since many people go for common parts such as hands and back. If you have one on the lower abdomen, it can be visible when wearing swimsuits. This can also make other people try it if they like the idea. You can also have it tattooed there if you don’t want anyone to see it by wearing covering clothes. The level of versatility shown with the numerous tattoos is just on another level. The designs clearly indicate the wearer’s personality and also adds focus to the body.

Stunning Zelda Triforce Tattoos

Small Zelda triforce tattoo on the fingers is a genius way for one who wants something minute. It has different benefits such as it does not take much time to be tattooed and also it can be very visible even from afar. The tattoo does not have to be complex and every minute given on drawing it should be worth it. You can bring your ink a little bit closer by having them right on the fingers. It’s a clear sign that a deeper meaning is associated with the design which is great.

Having a tattoo on the upper back at the center is a brilliant way. This can be very easy to manage and it may also attract attention to some social places such as the beach. The jet black color can not go unrecognized even with someone who is at a distance. It will make you stand out among other people. This is a suitable look for ladies.

Adorable Zelda Triforce Tattoo Ideas

Mixing different designs and having the symbol stand out at the center is an incredible piece of work. You might not want to go to an amateur with this kind of idea. Examining the pieces that artists have done can give you a clear guide to the person you want. Doing research online or asking can be a great way of finding out your answer. Nothing makes the tattoo stand out like a combination of different colors. It enhances versatility and creates contrast in the design.

The tattoo below can show that this person is not someone whom you may want to mess with. Having this tattoo can make people view you as a serious person. You can also wear this tattoo to reassure yourself that you are always prepared for a battle. This kind of tattoo may be suitable for men or those in the military.  The sword element in the design carries a powerful meaning and adds depth to the tattoo. Wearing it on the arm is also ideal and shows the wearer’s personality.

Swords and arrows must not be so big. You can still go for the small sword which will appear beautiful and will take less time. Going also for something small makes it easily manageable because you can hide it whenever you want. Although it may be small, it still has a lot of details and can even show someone’s hidden traits. If you are for minimalist designs then you can find inspiration from the one below. It looks spectacular with the dark color adding depth to the style.

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Elegant Zelda Symbol Designs

Having tattoos on the neck, back, hand, or thighs is a common thing for people with tattoos. Going for a different part such as the pelvic region can be considered a rare thing. This is what makes it unique. Accompanying the Zelda triforce tattoo with other tattoos can also make it stand out. You can go for this type of placement if you are okay with it or if you are looking for something out of the norm.


Adding different ensembles to a tattoo can really bring out the image and make it pop. With this kind of idea and the placement, it can be great for the wearer. You can go for more revealing clothing if you want to expose the tattoo or go for some coverage if you don’t want to reveal too much. This kind of image can make one stand out considering the jet black color that makes it conspicuous.

Beautiful Zelda Triforce Tattoo Ideas

Those in love with the game can also just go for the full tattoo of their favorite characters in the game. This look can be very satisfying when different colors are used to portray the different characters. The glow it has also made art lively. Decorating the art with some of the features can make it look stunning. The arm provides a big enough space in order to get clear details on art like this. Below is an art that can be used by those looking for a more complex tattoo of characters. This is mostly suitable for guys.

For a colorful yet simple look, red, blue, yellow, and green are the colors to go for. The vivid colors and can be recognizable from afar. Tattooing behind the ear makes it beautiful and also chic. This is perfectly fit for ladies. You can also go for the idea behind the neck if you have no other place to be tattooed but are still looking forward to getting a nice tattoo. With the placement, a darker tattoo can look good on guys.

Placing the Zelda triforce tattoo on the neck is a beautiful way to display it. This can be achieved by wearing low cut necks to provide a clear view. With a perfect blend of colors, this tattoo will stand out. Alongside the Zelda Triforce tattoo, you can choose to add other tattoos to make it pop. The chest is an easy way of displaying a tattoo because it is not strenuous.  The design below looks fabulous and to a great extent adds focus to the wearer’s physical features. The aspect of color also adds contrast with each blending well.

Artistic Zelda Triforce Designs

The coat of arms tattoo is one that will make you stand out among others. With its vibrant colors of red, blue and yellow one cannot go wrong. Considering its placement, a person may view it from far and still be able to see all the details. Having this tattoo on the thigh may provide a clear visage and no one has to strain in order to see what kind of tattoo it is. For all the people who like mixing colors, this is best for you. It also looks good on both men and women.

The Zelda universe tattoo is one that may take some time considering it rolls out all over the back. This one is best for those that want a more complex look. It requires patience since every detail must be seen on the final finish. To draw all characters in a game requires skill. Therefore one is advised to do their research before deciding what they are going to have as their tattoo or whom they are going to. This way you can avoid disappointment after the art has already been done.

Elegant Zelda Triforce Tattoos

Below is a full-size tattoo inked on the upper back. The placement of the tattoo can make it ethnological. This is a great way to attract attention when one wears low back clothes. A mixture of hues can make the art change from something normal to something that is extravagant. Below you are provided with a classic design where you can get your next inspiration from. This type of design can look best in both men and women.

Being tattooed on the back is also one good thing. This is because if one needs to cover it, it can be very simple. It can be an easy option if someone wants to look a certain way. Using colors that are not commonly used in a tattoo can make it phenomenal. This is a special way to incorporate colors and make them turn out beautifully like that. Here is one of the amazing art to draw inspiration from.

Having the tattoo at the back is also a great idea for those who want a conspicuous look. This may as well need some patience since it takes a bit of time. Although it may take time, it is worth waiting for to achieve the impeccable desires one has in mind. With this kind of tattoo on your back, it will be so easy to attract people’s attention when low cut back clothes are worn. The beach is no exception. Having this tattoo can motivate someone to portray the traits of the characters in the game. Even if they are nothing like it. This is because there is a great connection between the players to the characters in the game.

Incredible Zelda Triforce Tattoos

Having a wrist tattoo is one of the best places if one wants to display it. In addition to that, it does not take much space as the design looks better when it’s smaller. This makes appear more presentable and tidy. If you are looking forward to having a Zelda Triforce tattoo the arm or wrist may be a perfect choice for you. You can choose to wear it how you want whether you want to cover it or not.

Below is an open eye tattoo. This can indicate sight or vision. This idea is perfect for those viewed as observant or wise. The different hues used are flawless. below the shoulder is actually a great place for one to be tattooed. It makes the image more interesting. You can use a variety of colors considering the one below three different colors has been used. Drawing the tattoo might not be difficult, the tricky thing is incorporating the colors to achieve an all-round look. Here, you are going to need a master’s to do it.

Classic Zelda Tattoos

Colors can be used inside the triangle to bring a different type of look. Black is known to match with any color so that can be easy when incorporating any color with black. Not only does it look elegant at the back but also makes the look more vibrant. With the colors used inside the triangles, one cannot go wrong. You can also add other colors or use a different type of hue to achieve the desired look.

What makes the Zelda triforce tattoo unique is because of the triangles merging to form a greater triangle with one extra triangle inside. This makes it so easy to draw but in the end, it comes out beautiful. Having it tattooed on the upper back is also an easy way of managing it. You can choose to quickly cover it up or just leave it for a clear view.

Below is a full back tattoo with a crystal at the bottom. This is really cool with the colors blended together. With the crystal at the bottom, it makes the art look incredible. The back provides a large space enough to bring out the distinct features of the art. Having such a tattoo on the back is also a great thing as it provides one with a clear view to get inspiration from.